New (old) Kid on the Block

This is quite the story:

Some 22 years ago I built a BMW Cafe Racer out of my Dad’s 1979 R100RT. 18 years ago I sold it under pain to a young guy who was looking for a birthday present for his father who turned 50 and I needed the money for the restoration of an old house we had just bought.

Now, about three months ago nostalgia struck and I started looking for the bike again – after all, it was a one off. Finally, one week ago I picked it up from the guy I had sold it to in 1995. His dad had some knee problems and quit riding about a year ago – lucky me!

He kept the bike in remarkable condition, it basically looks exactly the same as almost two decades ago. With a couple exceptions: For comfort reasons he had the seat upholstered and raised by about one inch. Plus he replaced the clip-ons with some touring handle bars. Not so hot. But everything else is perfect. Have a look!


BMW Cafe Racer R100R Rear

BMW R100R Cafe RacerV2

My BMW R100R in the early nineties (above) …

…and today (pictures below)

DSC06034 DSC06036 DSC06037 DSC06038 DSC06040 DSC06041 DSC06046 DSC06048 DSC06050


cafe racer BMW 04BR

Next stage vision