T1 Update

One year later, the T1 panel van is almost there. Check out the impressions of the restored bus …


Tazio approved the restoration …


… but he was also a great help in the garage.


Porsche sport exhaust: The only visible sign of more horsepower

Bild 1

5,5×15 Porsche Wheels




All new jewelry


1966 Porsche 912 Engine



Tazio’s T1 is on the way to its rejuvenation. It was stripped off all the jewellery last week getting ready to have the rusty spots removed. Its quite the miracle that it doesn’t have many, considering that this bus lived in Finland all its life. The “Taubenblau” color will stay since the interior and large parts of the skin still feature the original paint.

The idea is to keep it simple but give it some contemporary performance:                  Porsche 912 engine, front disc brakes,  5,5×15 Porsche 356 wheels with 185s.

And of course it will be a Boxer Ranch logo bus.

P1020274Tazio took posession the moment he saw the bus


Boxer Ranch Bus Mai 2013lowresThe vision